Distribution Partners

At Madison National Life, our strength is developing tailored solutions and very specialized opportunities into successful programs.  This is accomplished through:

  • having a very strong commitment to our distribution partners,
  • employing a highly collaborative approach,
  • applying our many years of underwriting, actuarial, compliance, and claims management and administration expertise, and
  • Taking care of policyholders and insureds

In particular, we possess very deep knowledge of school districts and government entities, including an understanding and appreciation of the procurement and administrative processes that are unique to the public sector.

Since our Certificates of Insurance are extremely flexible, we can tailor benefits to very specific union-negotiated contracts.

Leveraging our public sector proficiency, we deliver highly customized group solutions for the private sector too, such as:

  • Traditional employer group
  • Worksite (voluntary benefits)
  • Staffing
  • Unions
  • Affinity organizations

This includes an ability to serve both traditional W-2 employees and 1099 workers.

While selective, other aspects of our business include providing turnkey reinsurance and acquiring blocks of Life and Health business.

The types of distributors that we partner with are vast and include:

  • Third Party Administrators
  • Insurance Companies and Health Plans
  • Brokers & Consultants
  • Product Wholesalers and MGAs
  • Intermediaries
  • Managing General Underwriters

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