Group Disability

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When life brings the unexpected, and an illness or injury results in an inability to work, group disability income insurance from Madison National Life helps replace a portion of lost income. This enables greater focus on recovery and return to work, rather than worry and concern about personal finances.

The chances are greater than most realize that an illness, injury or pregnancy will prevent an ability to earn a paycheck. However, only 48 percent of American adults indicate they have enough savings to cover three months of living expenses in the event they’re not earning any income1.

An individual age 20 has a more than one in four chance of being out of work before they reach retirement2.

Workers’ Compensation and Social Security for disability benefits?

Most disabilities happen outside work and are therefore not covered by Workers’ Compensation1.

While Social Security is a potential source of disability benefits, it defines disability very strictly and the eligibility rules differ from private disability insurance2.  As a result, Social Security Disability beneficiaries are among the most severely disabled2.  Additionally,

  • Social Security denies 65% of first time disability claims3, taking three to five months to get a decision4 and
  • By the end of 2017, more than one million claimants waited an average of 605 days for an appeals decision5.

When the paycheck stops due to a disability, unfortunately time doesn’t.  Short Term Disability and Long Term Disability insurance from Madison National Life can help provide protection against lost wages due to disability.

Short Term Disability Insurance

Of working Americans, 5.6 percent will experience a short term disability of six months or less due to illness, injury, or pregnancy on average every year1. Almost all of these are non-occupational in origin1.

Long Term Disability Insurance

Long Term Disability Insurance typically begins where Short Term Disability Insurance leaves off, providing benefits for illnesses or injuries that have longer recovery periods.

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