Short Term Disability

Short Term Disability Insurance from Madison National Life Insurance Company, Inc. can help replace a portion of a worker’s income during the initial weeks of disability if they are unable to earn a paycheck due to illness or accident.

Strengthen your workforce by replacing a portion of a worker’s income during the initial weeks of disability with Short Term Disability insurance through Madison National Life.

A serious illness or injury can harm more than a worker’s health, it can cause significant financial strain if the condition prevents the ability to work.  Only 48 percent of American adults indicate they have enough savings to cover three months of living expenses in the event they’re not earning any income1.

Madison National Life enables employers to help workers’ protect their paychecks with short term disability insurance.

Benefit designs are customizable and can be scaled up or down depending on the budget and need.

Advantages of Madison National Life’s Short Term Disability Insurance

  • Premiums can be fully paid by the employer, shared or voluntary
  • 1099 workers are eligible
  • Guaranteed issue (no evidence of insurability) benefit amounts available without health questions, and simplified medical underwriting for higher benefit amounts
  • Choice of benefit percentage – from 40% to 60% of pre-disability earnings
  • Range of elimination periods to choose from beginning on the first day of disability with longer option available
  • Variety of benefit periods are available from four weeks to two years
  • Integrate with an existing sick leave program or structure as stand-alone benefit
  • Variable definitions of disability – total, partial or residual definitions of disability can be selected to coordinate with long term disability insurance2
  • Maternity included
  • Upgrade to this option:
    • Survivor Benefit – lump sum payment when death occurs while receiving disability benefit payments

For a complete explanation of benefits offered, including list of limitations and exclusions, please see the Certificate of Insurance to learn more.

  1. Council for Disability Awareness (March 2018)
  2. Varies by state

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