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More flexibility without the hassle

When we set out to transform how worksite benefits work, we knew we had to go beyond simply offering more products. We had to provide a more flexible platform that combined customizable products with personalized attention – a solution designed to meet the expectations of today’s workforce.

A worksite solution that is scalable

In a world where social and economic change is transforming what people demand from life and from work, one size will not fit all. Employers, workers and insurance producers will increasingly need solutions that can be customized, personalized, scaled up or down. In a workforce in flux, flexibility is first.

The Result
A turnkey solution of benefits and experiences today’s workers expect with the flexibility employers demand.

Robust group product portfolio

From accident, critical illness and limited benefit fixed indemnity insurance to term life and short and long term disability, our suite of products is designed to meet the changing demands of employers and workers.

Flexibility for today’s economy

Our platform allows distribution partners and employers to scale benefits, costs, and coverage to respond to the specific needs of companies of all sizes with the precise offering that today’s workforce need.

Convenient benefit administration

With our technology agnostic approach, you have the option of using our enrollment portal – or we can integrate with any front-end benefit administration platform or vendor you choose.

Powerful communication platform

Our solution includes an effective communication program designed to educate eligible workers about the choices available to them so they can make informed decisions.

High-touch individual enrollment support

Our U.S. based call center works with eligible workers to help them understand their coverage and facilitate a seamless sign up process to drive higher levels of engagement and participation – which are critical to the success of a worksite program.

Responsive claims process

Our team and technology work together to provide a rapid and responsive claims process that keeps your clients and their employees satisfied so you too can rest easy knowing that we’re as committed to your clients as you are.

Let's transform the workplace together.
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    • How can I get started with MNL’s worksite solution?

      A: Please contact Tim O’Meara, Vice President and Sales Officer at 800-356-9601 Ext. 2300 to discuss how we can craft a special solution for you.

    • What makes MNL’s approach to worksite unique?

      Our solution goes far beyond just having flexible insurance products. We believe that a successful worksite program is ultimately defined by the percentage of eligible workers that participate.

      In order to achieve this objective, an effective communication program and enrollment method is necessary, including the ability to connect with existing benefit administration and HR platforms.

      Our solution addresses all of these critical elements!

    • How can MNL drive higher levels of participation?

      A: Employing an effective enrollment method is often the difference between success and failure when implementing a worksite program.

      That is why we offer call center enrollment functionality. This enables eligibles workers to speak with a U.S. based representative to learn about our benefit offering, answer questions, and capture the enrollment or waiver.

    • Can MNL connect with any benefit administration system or platform?

      A:Yes! We understand that with the advent of today’s technology, many different systems exists for administering and managing benefits and human resource functions.

      As a result, we are committed to integrating whatever technology is currently in place.

      Additionally, we also have best-in-class benefit administration and complete HR platforms that can be deployed based on the need.

    • What resources can you provide eligible workers?

      A: Since communication is critical to driving higher levels of engagement and participation among eligible workers, we offer a robust collection of collateral. These thoughtfully designed resources include a wide of media, such as print, digital and video. Their purpose is to get workers engaged!

    • What are the products that are included within MNL’s portfolio?

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